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Domain Name Privacy Policy

Domain Name Privacy Policy

Pacific.Net, through it's affiliation with an ICANN accredited Registrar, supplies the Registrar with the information submitted by you when you register a domain name. This information is entered into the WHOIS database. WHOIS is a standard Internet service that allows one to look up limited contact information about the owner of any domain. This allows owners to be contacted regarding ownership of the domain or other business. Information collected from registrants of domain names will not be given to any other third parties. Pacific.Net will keep information as needed to help with support issues (moving domains, changing nameservers, etc.) and so we can contact you regarding the status or renewal of your domain. This is our obligation under the terms of our Registration Service Provider (RSP) agreement with the Registrar. We will not sell or share your contact information, or any other information, with anyone else.

WHOIS Privacy

This service restricts access to WHOIS information for your registered domain. You can enable this service in the Domain Name Management Interface under the "Domain Extras" menu.

Publicly Available Information

You can query information on any domain using any WHOIS lookup tool.

Our Terms of Service contains additional information about our general privacy policy.