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Fusion FAQ

Fusion FAQ

What is Fusion?

Pacific Internet's Fusion service is actually two things: regular telephone service (POTS) and an ADSL2+/VDSL2 Internet connection. We call it "Fusion" because the two services are bundled together.

I don't need a landline telephone. Can I just pay for Internet?

Unfortunately not. DSL service runs over the pre-existing telephone network infrastructure and requires the copper telephone line to work. That's simply the way the technology was designed. There are no requirements that you use a phone, however. You are completely free to not hook up a phone at all and just use the service for Internet access, although phone services fees will still be charged.

What do I need to sign up?

See the Fusion Terms & Conditions. Make sure you agree to our Acceptable Use Policy and fill out the Telco Change Authorization form.

How long does it take to get Fusion service?

Expect about a week. Order completion, from the date the order was placed to the date the service is active, depends on a number of factors beyond our control. We try to speed the process along whenever possible, but 7-10 business days is an unfortunate average. Five business days is not unheard of, however, but we're not making any promises. YMMV.

It is important to know you can usually keep your previous service active until the new service takes its place. This will minimize your downtime, if any, to the day of activation. U-verse customers beware: AT&T does not play nice with transferring customers and tend to go out of their way to make the process painful. Expect delays, but know life gets better on the other side. Legacy DSL upgrades will generally have an easier time of it, since they're not technically U-verse customers.

What are ADSL2+ and VDSL2?

See the Internet Access FAQ.

How fast is the Internet through Fusion?

Short Answer: Fusion gives you an uncapped Internet connection.

Long Answer: Asking, "How 'fast' is the Internet," is something of a non-sequitur. Many people mistakenly refer to bandwidth as speed. For example, when you run a speed test from a service like, it actually measures bandwidth. When a speed test reports a 6.0 Mbps (down) connection, it is reporting bandwidth, a measure of how much data (Megabits) can be transmitted in a given amount of time (per second). For more information on the difference between speed and bandwidth, refer to the Internet Access FAQ. For more information on how much bandwidth you get through Fusion, read on.

When we say Fusion is uncapped, we mean that we don't impose superficial limits like our competitors. Many companies will sell you a throttled, governed, choked-down, or otherwise limited connection and then charge you increasingly more to lift the restrictions. Common DSL tiers might be 1.5, 3.0, or 6.0 Mbps. We offer uncapped DSL speeds up to 100 Mbps! It's even possible to bond two lines together for increased bandwidth. The speeds you will actually attain are directly dependent upon your distance from the Central Office (CO). See the DSL FAQ for more information.

What is "Dual-line" or "Bonded" Fusion?

"Bonding" refers to the act of combining two telephone lines into a single Internet connection. This effectively doubles the bandwidth of the connection for both downloads and uploads. You can still use each telephone line individually. For example, you could use one for a phone and another for a fax or you could simply have two telephone numbers at your location. The choice is yours and certainly not limited to the examples mentioned. You should also check out our page on Fusion voice features.

What is the difference between Fusion and "Legacy DSL"?

Fusion uses ADSL2+ and VDSL2 technologies, newer, faster revisions of the DSL family of technologies. We use the term "Legacy DSL" refers to older standards of the technology. If you are outside of Ukiah, you might still be eligible for our Legacy DSL service; if you are in Ukiah, you'll need Fusion.

What benefits does Fusion offer over Legacy DSL?

Fusion offers a host of benefits over Legacy DSL:

A Better Connection
Fusion offers uncapped bandwidth, up to 100 Mbps.
Legacy DSL offers speeds of 1.5Mbps, 3.0Mbps, or 6.0Mbps.
Superior Savings
Fusion saves you money, period. Why pay two bills when you can pay one?
Legacy DSL requires an active AT&T phone line, so you're paying for phone and Internet regardless. Besides, do you really like dealing with AT&T?
Improved Support
Fusion seriously enhances our ability to troubleshoot your connection when you have Internet problems. Our tools can help with diagnosing physical line issues such as unbalanced wiring, shorts, grounds, and more. They also allow us to inspect the quality of the data transmission – are packets getting lost, is the modem constantly retraining, is there excess electrical noise on the line, etc.
Legacy DSL tools can tell us if your modem is in sync (but a modem in sync at 0.1 Mbps doesn't do anybody any good now, does it?).
Robust Equipment
Fusion offers guaranteed equipment for customers who rent it. If anything is ever wrong with your modem/router, just bring it in and we'll swap it out, no questions asked. Of course, you're free to use your own equipment if you like. For minimum requirements see our section on Fusion equipment.
Legacy DSL is subject to the manufacturer's warranty.
Long-term Availability
Fusion is constantly being improved in order to keep it up to date with the latest technologies, ensuring it stays relevant in today's technologically-driven society. It will be maintained and supported well into the future.
Legacy DSL is on the way out. Most of the major telecom companies are already making plans to stop supporting older DSL technologies as soon as they can. This means we may not even be able to offer it at some point in the future. In that perspective, it's a worse investment than dial-up (yes, it's still around. Yes, we still offer it here).

What are the star codes for various phone features?

You can view the list of available features and star codes on the Fusion voice features page.

Is Fusion phone service eligible for California LifeLine?

Unfortunately, Fusion phone service does not qualify for California LifeLine. This is the only case we are aware of, where Fusion will probably not be cheaper than splitting your Internet and phone bill between us and AT&T.

Will my phone number be listed in the Yellow or White Pages?

Having Fusion service will not list your number in the Yellow Pages or White Pages. This does not mean you can't be listed, however; you just need to do it yourself.