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Online Security


Your Pacific Internet Password Protects your Identity and your Privacy

Latest Phishing Attacks: We've spotted many bogus emails with the subject "your mailbox has been deactivated", or similar. Please ignore this kind of scam. At a minimum, it's phishing for your password to use your account to send spam. In the worst case, it's a link to a virus that will spy on your every keypress, steal your credit card and bank account login information, and drain your bank accounts!

We will NEVER ask you for your password by email, unless it is in response to a request that YOU have initiated for help. Email is generally unsafe for sensitive information, however, so calling us is best.

We will NEVER send you an email asking you to visit a webpage to "confirm" your personal information (including your password) by entering it into a form.

We will NEVER ask you to open an executable or compressed (zip) file to learn about something. All customer announcements and notifications will be available in plain text.

Identity theft is increasing. We strongly suggest you use common sense about any email or phone call you receive. If you were not expecting it, you should treat it suspiciously. If you are concerned about identity theft, you must be more vigilant. Here's a good checklist for some of the more common scams out there: Scamorama checklist.

If you receive an email containing these types of requests, rest assured it is NOT from us. This is a type of scam called "phishing", which attempts to trick people into revealing sensitive information (such as passwords) so that the "phishers" can hijack your account for purposes such as sending spam.

If you ever have a question about the security of your account PLEASE ASK US.

You should never give anyone your Pacific Internet username and password either by email or by entering it into a webpage, with the exception of using our services. If we need that information, we will contact you via telephone or U.S. Mail.

Websites which are directly affiliated with us are recognizable by the domain name. We've listed them here and (highlighted) the domain name portion of the URL (website address). The domain name should match exactly.

  • Pacific Internet Webmail - Address:
  • Roaring Penguin (CanIt AntiSpam) Login - Address:
  • Pacific Internet Online Forms for Payment and Support - Address:
  • Pacific Internet Users Tools, Anti-Spam Whitelisting, and others - Address:
  • Pacific Internet Domain Name Registration, Renewal, and Management - Address:

In the above cases, note that the address displayed in your browser begins with "https" and not just "http". This indicates an extra layer of security. If a website asking for personal information does not have an address beginning with "https", never enter your password or other sensitive information.

We have some additional security-related information on the following pages: