Pacific Internet - Ukiah, California

Windows 98, 95, ME

Dial-up Setup Guide for Windows 98, 95, ME

If your machine has been on the Internet before, you can skip the Internet Setup Wizard, and just make a new connection to Pacific Internet (see below).

Internet Setup Wizard

Click "Start" then "Run" then type "inetwiz" in the box and click "OK". This should run the wizard.

Click "Next". When you are given a choice for a "Manual" or "Automatic" wizard, choose "Manual". If you don't see a choice for "Manual", select the option that says "I want to set up a new connection to my existing Internet account…". There are several versions of the Internet Setup Wizard, but all of the information you need to enter into the dialog boxes is included below to help you get through the setup process. Not all of this info will be required so do not worry if you are not asked for all of it.

  • Phone number = Lookup (this is the number your computer dials to connect to the Internet)
  • Username = _____________________ (this is always all lower-case letters)
  • Password = _____________________ (this is case-sensitive)
  • Primary DNS Server address (Do not enter these unless asked)
  • Secondary DNS Server address =
  • Incoming Mail (POP3) Server =
  • Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server =
  • POP3 User Name = your username
  • Your Name = Real Name
  • Your E-Mail =
  • Reply-to Address =
  • If you are asked about your IP Address; you should select "My Service provider automatically assigns one".
  • If you are given a choice to "Use Windows Messaging", answer "Yes".
  • If you are asked if you wish to "Use this profile for mail settings", answer "Yes".
  • If you are given a choice to "Change the Advanced Settings", answer "No".
  • If you are given a choice to "Set up a Directory Service", answer "No".

New Connection

To make a new connection, follow these steps:

  • Double Click on the "My Computer" icon on your desktop and then double click the "Dial-up Networking" icon.
  • Double Click "Make New Connection".
  • In the "Type a name for the computer you are dialing" box, type "Pacific Internet".
  • Click "Next", then enter your area code and the local access phone number from above.
  • This is the number that your computer dials to connect to the Internet.
  • Click "Finish" to save it.
  • Then, to make a shortcut to your Pacific Internet connection on your desktop, right-click once on the "Pacific Internet" icon in the "Dialup Networking" folder and select "create shortcut".
  • It will ask if you want the shortcut on your desktop. Say "Yes".

How to Connect

If you used the Internet Setup Wizard to set up your connection, then your dialup connection's "Connect To" box should pop up automatically when you start Internet Explorer or Firefox. Otherwise, you'll need to use the shortcut to your dial-up networking connection to get connected. Be sure to type in your login name and password before clicking on "Connect". You will also need to disconnect manually if you use the shortcut. Look on your taskbar for two little computers and double-click that icon to disconnect.

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