Pacific Internet - Ukiah, California

Windows XP, 2000

Dial-up Setup Guide for Windows XP, 2000


  • Click "Start" then "Run"
  • Then type "inetwiz" in the box and click "OK".
  • This should run the Internet Setup Wizard.
  • Choose "Connect using my phone line" and click "Next".
  • If asked, choose "Create a new dial-up connection" and click "Next" again.


  • Click the “Start” button, click “Settings” and choose “Control Panel”.
  • Double-click the “Network and Dial-up Connections” icon.
  • Double-click the “Make New Connection” icon.

Follow the on-screen instructions, supplying the information below. Don't worry if some of it isn't requested.

  • Phone number = ____________ Lookup (this is the number your computer dials to connect to the Internet)
  • Username = _____________________ (this is always all lower-case letters)
  • Password = _____________________ (this is case-sensitive)
  • (Do not enter DNS Servers unless asked)
  • Primary DNS Server address
  • Secondary DNS Server address =
  • Incoming Mail (POP3) Server =
  • Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server =
  • POP3 User Name = your username
  • Your Name = Real Name
  • Your E-Mail =
  • Reply-to Address =
  • It is normally not required to change the Advanced setting.
  • If you are asked about your IP Address; you should select "Internet service provider automatically provides one."
  • If you are given a choice to "Set up an Internet mail account," answer Yes.
  • If you are asked about your DNS server addresses, select "Always use the following" and enter the numbers listed above.

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