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Removing Mail from Overquota Accounts

Removing Mail from an Overquota Account

You are likely here because your account is or is close to being over–quota. There are a number of ways to delete messages from the server in order to reclaim space. This guide will instruct you on how to delete mail from the server through the SquirrelMail webmail interface. Removing mail from the server is important, as you're only allotted 1 GB per email account. At this time, we do have have an option to get a larger mailbox.

Begin by logging onto the server at

Webmail Login Page

Once logged into the server, you'll see the amount of storage you're currently using and all of your folders along the left. In order to receive new mail, you will need to keep the quota usage under 100%. The quota usage may state "OVER QUOTA" for full mailboxes.

Folder List

You will need to delete messages to make space on the server. If you are very close to or over–quota, you may need to start by only deleting a few items at a time. This is because messages are copied before they are deleted, so extra space must be allocated for the removal process. If you want to delete a large number of messages at once, you will need to know how to sort and select.

To sort messages by a particular field, click on the small grey square next to the column heading in the yellow bar. The triangle indicates the current field being sorted by. Clicking the triangle will switch it between pointing up or down for descending and ascending sorting orders, respectively. Select messages by clicking the checkboxes on the left. You may select and deselect all messages on the page by clicking "Toggle All".

Hint: If your primary concern is to just create more space on the server, deleting larger messages will get you there faster (i.e., sort by size).

Hint: You can change the number of messages displayed per page by going to "Options" → "Display Preferences" and changing the "Number of Messages per Page" setting under "Mailbox Display Options".

Once you have selected your messages, click "Delete" to move them to the Trash folder. Once you have deleted all your desired messages, click "Purge" to actually remove them from the server. Deleting a large number of files at once can take a while, so be patient!

Message List