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Domain Mail FAQ

Domain Mail FAQ

This FAQ applies to email addresses that are not within the domain. If your email address looks like, check out our Email FAQ. Within this FAQ, we use to refer to your domain.

What is "Domain Mail"?

Domain mail, in a broad sense, refers to anything mail–related within your domain, We use the term in contrast to mail related to our domain,, although technically, mail within our domain is also domain mail, since is a domain name like any other. We also use the term in–house to refer to whether you have set up mailboxes within your own domain.

What does it mean to have a mailbox in my domain?

Historically, all domain mail for our customers' domains existed as aliases for email accounts within the domain (see below). If you don't know what aliases are, see our FAQ on the difference between mailboxes and aliases. This is why many people have domain mail addresses like but require a username that looks like user234—the username reflects an email account (mailbox) in the domain.

To have a mailbox in your own domain means, when you receive mail for an address within your domain (e.g.,, messages are placed in a mailbox whose corresponding username and password are also under the control of your own domain. In other words, the username will look like and your mail will have nothing to do with a email address. Ultimately, this means you are not required to have a email address just to have an email address in your own domain (because really, that's just silly). If you like your email address, however, you are totally welcome to keep it.

What are the benefits to Domain Mail?

For starters, if you have your own domain,, then you can set up addresses like,, etc. If you choose to have mailboxes set up at your domain, you can also add and remove email accounts and manage passwords and aliases.

How is Domain Mail different from email with Pacific Internet?

For a long time, domain mail addresses were merely aliases to accounts. This has caused an unending supply of confusion and frustration, for all of us. If your domain's mail is set up this way, you are strongly encouraged (but not required) to consider converting to real domain mail. By "real", we mean the mailbox you check is located within your domain and not ours. There are many benefits to this, including control over your own mail and email accounts.

You can tell whether you're using mailboxes in our domain or not by checking the server settings in your mail client. If the incoming server is, then your mail is in our domain.

How do you normally organize domain mail?

See our page on setting up domain mail for some pointers. Our Postmaster is always willing to help as well.

Why can't I log in to the CanIt spam filter?

This is probably because you don't have a mailbox in your own domain. By default, aliases can't log in to the spam filter because no username and password exist for them. In order to log in under a domain mail alias, the mail administrator for your domain must provide you with an account. We do have instructions for creating a user in CanIt. Alternatively, you could consider converting to true domain mail.

I logged in to CanIt as the administrative user and can't see any quarantined mail!

By default, the administrative user views the "default" stream. Most domains don't filter mail in the default stream, so you won't see messages there. As an administrator, you'll want to change streams to view messages in the quarantine for a particular stream.