Pacific Internet - Ukiah, California

Fusion Terms & Conditions

Fusion Terms & Conditions

Fusion Phone & Internet

Outgoing calls are $.01/minute Free Nationwide!

View our table of international rates.

View the Ukiah Broadband Coverage Map.

Pacific Internet's Acceptable Use Policy applies to all accounts.

If changing phone or Internet service providers, submit this Letter of Authorization.

Pacific Internet bears no responsibility for wiring on the customer's premises. We do not perform any work on wiring beyond possibly troubleshooting.

Pacific Internet is not responsible for, nor do we perform troubleshooting of, the customer's internal networking, with the sole exception of modems, which are necessary to provide DSL service at the location.

Residential Fusion Addendum

In order to assure that all customers receive the lowest pricing for unlimited voice service, Residential Fusion phone service includes a reasonable use policy. This plan is for residential, non-business use only and provides local phone service and unlimited, domestic, direct-dialed long distance. The plan may not be used for dial-up access to the Internet or for any business purposes such as telemarketing, auto-dialing, or commercial or broadcast facsimile (FAX). No resale, sharing by any means, or connection to IP phone devices (e.g., VoIP) for use by others is permitted. If the plan is used for unauthorized purposes, we may immediately suspend, restrict, or cancel the service.